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January 14, 2024

삼성, 현대차만 있는 게 아냐…에바, 2년 연속 CES 혁신상 수상

It's not just Samsung and Hyundai. EVAR also won the Innovation Award for the second consecutive year


January 5, 2024

㈜에바, 일본 WILLTEC과 기술검증사업 추진협약…현지 진출 본격화

EVAR enters into the Japanese market through an agreement with WILLTEC, a local Japanese company


November 27, 2023

EV 솔루션 EVAR, 美 3위 충전 사업자에 충전기 공급

EVAR signed MOU on Charger Supply Agreement With U.S.’s Charger Operator 'Blink'


January 10, 2024

EVAR, CES 2024 참가...전기차 충전 솔루션 기술력 선보여

EVAR shows off its technology at CES2024


December 22, 2023

EVAR, 'CES 2024'서 전기차 충전 솔루션 기술력 선보일 예정

EVAR. Announces Technology of EV Charging Solutions at CES2024


November 15, 2023

[ROBEX 2023] EVAR, 자율 EV 충전 로봇 파키 공개

[ROBEX 2023] EVAR unveils autonomous EV charging robot, 'Parky'

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